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Programming Future

Nowadays, the programming language are becoming more and more easier. All the programming language are qualitative on their own field. e.g. ActionScript for animation, Java for Server, Obj-C for RIA desktop GUI. The programming language are just trying to accept human language too just like on JAVAFX. use of tween,insert,delete,bind.

According to my view the programming language would now able to accept not only the human language but also the sound of human on coming generation . Afterwards,some decades the programming would be much easier than it is at now. Every programmer would just need to know the structure and it’s function only. No any programmer would need core knowledge of computer architecture.

Future Programming Language

There would be a device like as microphone which would accept the voice command and prepare the program according to the command of user. But there is certain limitation on future programming language.

  • The programmer at least have knowledge of computer .
  • No any hardware level language is need to be made.
  • Logic and ideas of programmers would  be given more priority than skill on programming .
  • Soon programs made by the future programming language would be compatible on any devices like it’s now in JAVA.
  • The software made by it would be more expensive due to new concept and ideas.

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Hardest Programming Language

In my view the toughest programming language is C# and JAVA cuz they have very vast library and their code are tough enough.

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Java’s Print similarities to C

As we know that java is made by the C programming. The java has many common features to C language. While we wants to print in java we usually use the following code.

But there is also the feature of printf in java which we used to do in C programming:


For eg:

which outputs like this in C :

But in Java Read the rest of this entry »

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