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ListCell Animation in ListView

After a long time I am back again with new stuffs. I have seen that JavaFX has got so many demand nowadays. Lots of people are requesting for something new something wow effect. In the same way one of my colleagues told me what if we have listview got some effects on scrolling the list. I got some dig around JavaFX Animation API and did some animation with ListCell but I thought it would be great if I share my works to you guys.

First We got to revamp what is the Listcell. ListCell are designed for making user to display text content in list format. But we can override these and make our own like displaying images,shapes and other controls as well.

ListCell inherits the character of Labeled so in default ListCell only displays the text content.If you want some control in your listcell other than label then there are some bunch of cellfactory in javafx.scene.control.cell package.

Every ListCell are being rendered according to the cellFactory implementation so you are free to implement your own cellFactory to make the listcell even more customizable. I had posted about TableCell customization which utilizes use of cellFactory (TableView Cell Modify)

Lets roll with the ListCell customization.
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My 2010 experience

Today is December 31st last day of the year 2010 and I ‘m trying to recall all of the experience of my 2010 life and share with you.
January : My first day of Year 2010 was quiet fun with friends and relatives. I was just a high school guy at grade 12 . Our half of the grade 12 session was already completed . I was not so fancy guy but just a geek of computer. January was my gadget month my bro got new Ipod nano 5gen which was so excellent n slim than ever. I was amazed by the i-pod’s new liquid sensor. Jan 15th wow! it was festival ‘Maghe Sakranti‘ I ate so many chaku.

February : Wow! it’s a month of lovers(couples) but I m with no any girlfriend so the month wasn’t so much exciting 4 me. At this month I started to read ‘Head First JSP & Servlet’ e-book more deeply! But the load shedding of our country always makes me beside from these books. OMG we got 14 hrs load-shedding in a day isn’t that a crazy n lazy politics,govt. Country wasn’t at right track neither was ever! ūüėÄ . The most important was on this month I was able to finish my client’s Project and I gave the program to them at this month. Actually that client was my first client of my life!

March: Much more concentration on my course study, I was just not prepared for my coming final exam . All the friends of high school were being more memorable than ever. I came to feel so free to talk with my friends. Now I think more different of them cuz our high school is now going to over.I precisely not sure but our college annual program was also held on this month which was one of the most memorable day of my high school life.

April: April fool !! ya I definitely fooled to my friend. But more than fooling I was self-fooled on this month. I just couldn’t finish my college computer project at time. I then finally finalize my source-code of C-programming (which was not actually completed ) at a Report. But thank god nobody of my teacher asked to give the executable-file of my program..haha. Now it’s just a last month of our regular high school class. Everybody seems to be more sincere on their study but me, ahrr m not different I’m¬† just following same trend like my friends did. I feel like now I’m a near to my final exam of grade 12 so I was studying hard too.More over it was a month of new year in our country ‘2067’ and mother’s day whom I loved very much.But I was on great demise when the ‘Sun MicroSystem’ was totally owned by a big vendor ‘Oracle’ now all the java and javafx is on their hand.

May: Time for the final exam of my study.. But this politic hell is just a evil for us. They got new option for striking whole country . The first day of my final exam was not so easy. I went early at morning to exam hall but that day all the YCL(Youth Communist League) are striking and abandoning all the student from exam hall. But thank god the YCL didn’t came to our exam hall but many of my friends weren’t able to give their exam. Now the exam is postponed to next 15 days. On that day I liked to renamed YCL to Youth Criminal League cuz they weren’t just making a big crime by disturbing exam of students. OMG !!

June: Exam is just finished and all the grade 12 is now on free holidays. I now feel so so free to learn more things..I firstly started to make new software from ‘JavaFX’ which is more flexible and important for all the publics. I named the software ‘Twitter’ cuz it uses the API(Application Profile Interface) of main streaming of¬† twitter. Later on I was more busy on this project .In the same way I even started other new project that is ‘World Cup Status ‘ on Facebook. I was more familiar on making application on facebook so I made this software so fast and launched on this month on the occasion of¬† WorldCup 2010. I made so many scrap codes for them. This month just went with coding and new technologies. Oh this month was also my birthday month I celebrated with a small cake,cookies, drinks party. It was so fun !!

July: It was a World-Cup so I m more excited on my hooted country. I was on support of¬† Germany cuz my fav palyers were there: Klose,Muller,Podolski,(‘Oliver Khann’ – >¬† till 2002 WC). The best game I’ve seen all over the¬† 2010 worldcup was with Germany-Ghana which was really so competetive. Germany was winning at all the quater final but at semi final Germany just lost with Spain where I bet Rs.50 with my friend Manoj. Now it’s all gone so I wasn’t so interested in final match. Finally Spain got WorldCup 2010.

August: Wow it was the month I was much more glad to know about the new release of¬† ‘JavaFX 1.2’ my favourite language. I just downloaded new version and read API of this language . I updated my ‘twitter application’ with this new language and ‘WorldCup Status’ too. I was very happy that now I’m going to divert my more focus on this programming language. At this month My school guys..just planned to go a trip at Sangha of Lalitpur. We went with group of seven. We are glad to see all together and we had so good time at there . Took so many photos, more gossips, walking and many funs. Futher more we also planned to go there next time at ‘Namo Buddha’ .¬† I ‘ve learned so many things till this months mostly about project related to javafx.

September: This month was not so much good I just god very bad news that ‘JavaFX’ is no more supported by Oracle. I was really in big trouble . I gave my so many time to this language but finally I got nothing better than to lose it. But still I was programming on same platform. I started to give my continuity to my old FTP(File Transfer Protocol) project based on totally pure JAVA platform. I then give more priority to only JAVA and JSP. I completed my reading e-book of ‘Head First JSP and Servlet’ and just started to make a small web-application. I feel really boring due next¬† news i.e. the¬† JAVA 7 is launching at 2011 mid . Oh no what a bad time.!!! But one thing is good my waiting days were gone for the result of grade 12 I wass passed with 76%¬† I was so glad with my result.

October:It’s a festival time !! The biggest festival (Dashain n Tihar) of our religion. More fun n enjoy with relatives. I just went to my permanent town ‘Kirtipur’ where there were all the relatives. We were all happy and every body of our country were busy on the festival.

November: Tihar was more fun than Dashain cuz there is so many colourful lights, fireworks at this festival night. I watched so many movies at this month.After all the festival was finished and I got time to search for the college to join Bachelor. I then managed to join at LBEF maitidevi my entrance exam of college was¬† at December so I thought of spending my time by developing my ‘FTP application’¬† more standard and bugless.

December: This month was very memorable and also the festival for me .Firstly this on this month my brother got married we had a good time at brother’s wedding and secondly it was a time of ‘Kirtipur Jatra‘ so I went to my home Kirtipur to celebrate the ‘Kirtipur Jatra’. After festival I was ready for the entrance exam of my college. I gave exam n passed too and I intended to join ‘ BCA’ (Bachelor in Computer Science) at LBEF. ‘Yomari Punhi‘ one the festival where we make a special item of food which I liked most.

My Bachelor admission will be at January 2011 with new session and new year. I’ll be busy on study for 3 yrs. Now it’s time for saying goodbye to the year 2010.Finally, I think I’ve got many achievements in this year . Mostly I’ve got more knowledge of the professionalize and carrier development for my future. This year gave me many difficulties and succession too. Time is running out so fast , Let’s make our precious time¬† useful and fruitful forever. I’ll be posting new blog post related to Java and Javafx soon.

||Happy New Year 2011 ||
|| All are heartly welcomed to the Nepal Tourism Year 2011 in Nepal ||

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Programming Future

Nowadays, the programming language are becoming more and more easier. All the programming language are qualitative on their own field. e.g. ActionScript for animation, Java for Server, Obj-C for RIA desktop GUI. The programming language are just trying to accept human language too just like on JAVAFX. use of tween,insert,delete,bind.

According to my view the programming language would now able to accept not only the human language but also the sound of human on coming generation . Afterwards,some decades the programming would be much easier than it is at now. Every programmer would just need to know the structure and it’s function only. No any programmer would need core knowledge of computer architecture.

Future Programming Language

There would be a device like as microphone which would accept the voice command and prepare the program according to the command of user. But there is certain limitation on future programming language.

  • The programmer at least have knowledge of computer .
  • No any hardware level language is need to be made.
  • Logic and ideas of programmers would¬† be given more priority than skill on programming .
  • Soon programs made by the future programming language would be compatible on any devices like it’s now in JAVA.
  • The software made by it would be more expensive due to new concept and ideas.

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JNode (Open Source Project)

JNode is the open-source project for making a Java Platform OS(Operating System). This project had take a exclusive track of making all the software in Java in itself. As Java Virtual Machine(JVM) only accepts bytecode so the Compiler used to develop native binaries out. In this way, nearly the entire system is able of being written in the JAVA programming Language.

Ewout Prangsma firstly started work of developing the Java Bootable System(JBS) during 1995 .He had caught special feature of Java. In his mind he himself imagined a system that was not only a VM, but a complete runtime environment that does not need any other form of operating system. So is had to be a light weight and most important flexible system. The author was not satisfied with the C and assembly language required and head towards on to a new attempt called JBS2.

Jnode uses only two languages i.e. Java and Assembly Language. This system presently understands the FAT,NTFS,ext2 and ISO 9660 file system. It also has a GUI(Graphical User Interface) with USB peripherals and TCP/IP network protocol. It can be boot from CD or run in any popular emulator. It uses GNU Classpath Java Library and can run any Java Programs.

The latest version of JNode can be found in :

For more Detail :

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Hardest Programming Language

In my view the toughest programming language is C# and JAVA cuz they have very vast library and their code are tough enough.

Post comment according to your opinion about this topic:

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