Hello guys. Today I’ve got some free time to blog. I have made small chemical solution for making these things happen. I was thinking that most of the game developers really need this type of system even more in the content management system also this kind of stuffs are very useful So I’ve planned to blogged about this (Drag n Drop Cell).

Let’s first look over how the things works for the Draggable of list cell.

Drag and Drop Cell in ListView

The above figure is just the concept which I’ve predicted. You can use your own too But in this post I’m doing all stuffs by this algorithm.By the help of that algorithm I’ve made the things sucess.

First let’s start with the custom cell I’ve given that cell name as ListCellX.

FYI I’ve highlighted the codes above. I think you can easily understand the code. I’ve done some commented for codes which could be more clear enough too.

Ok Now After we build our Customized ListCellX we can now easily embed this Cell in our ListView by implementing the cellfactory of specified ListView. You must make sure that you have called the init(ObservableList). A sample work over this cell is given here.

In above code sample here we have added our own list cell factory so that that cell knows what we want to do on drag events.

I’ve also made one simple app(Friends List) by using this Facility and one of my best control(AutoFillTextBox). I’ve made that simple app available for you to see if you want.

Friends List Screenshot

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.
Thanks you ! See you coming free days. Have a good day 🙂