Form field validation styles from CSS

Hello guys,
After a long days gaps I’m back on my favourite blog. I’m preety glad to know that Oracle has launched the new JavaFX Scene Builder. If you have not started then please give it a try. You can download the Scene Builder from here:

Ok Now lets go to the main stuffs of today’s post. I’ve been working on CSS stuff and it’s being so interesting to use in JavaFX which is more easier to design the controls and make the design more interactive in Application for the end-user. In the real world application we may need the form to fill up from the javafx and when ever there comes the form then the validation is one of the important part of form. Every field in the form need the validation for making the proper data entry.

Let’s start with small Textfield validation with the simple app.





In the same way we can even make some multii-behaviour validation textfield too. Like below.




bad password

medium password

good password

best password

That’s all for today. Hope you like this post. Have a 🙂 good day . Thanks

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  4. Yes , you can do validating with comboBox as well it is not that hard. All you have to do is add listener to your combobox value and show appropriate message like in the post describes.

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