Where is ‘blockinMouse’ Property in Javafx 2.0 !

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Today I’m wondering where is the blockinMouse property in Javafx 2.0?  Is it on developing progress ? Or it’s just disappear . According to javafx bug reporting site I’ve found that one guy was playing with blockinMouse using JavaFX 2.0 which as posted on Jan 2011.

In source code I’ve found that guy was doing some stuffs with rectangle Node I’ll show small snippet code :

Now the surprising comes here. How did he get access to setBlocksMouse(boolean) why not us?

I finally precise to make a small test on how to use blockinMouse property in Javafx 2.0 which seems little bit crazy right! I managed to use test these things on two Circle Nodes. Every Circle Node will be made Draggable so as to get the things more clearer. Ok now the code goes here.

  • DraggableNode (Please get this class from here)
  • BlocksMouseNode

The above BlocksMouseNode seems very mess. You can minimize it if you have any good way to. Let’s try this node for our realworld application. A sample example of using this customized Node .

Project Source Code : BlocksMouse Project

I can hardly show the output of this project so please try with your self.
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