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In this blog now u will learn the process of UML. The first thing that we need to understand to develop the UML and for developing it we should have a good knowledge of the classes and the data dictionary of the project which u r going to develop. Now I am gonna prepare a data dictionary of the PTS(Prescription Tracking System)

The detail data dictionary of the Prescription Tracking System is given below:

Data Dictionary of the PTS (Prescription Tracking System)


Customer: The customer is the person who buys the medicine .

Pharmacy: The pharmacy is one of the shop where many types of medicine is available. The drug supplier is pharmacy. It keeps the record of all the customer and medicine. The pharmacy also records the data of the doctor.

Medicine: The medicine is the collection of drug where many customer can buy it from pharmacy.

Doctor: The doctor is the person who examines patient and gives the list of medicine . The doctor also gives the info of his.

Transcript: The transcript is the list of all record of certain customer who came to the pharmacy.


Buys: The buying of medicine is done by the customer from the pharmacy.

Gives the info of his: The doctor gives the record like his ssn and phone for the customer.

Records the data: The data of doctor and customer is being recorded by the customer.

Prescribes medicine: The doctor gives the list of the medicine to the customer to buy.

Advices: The advices is given by the doctor to the customer.

Prepares the transcript: The transcript entry is prepared by the pharmacy after taking all the detail

information of the customer and its physician.

Is given : The transcript is given to the customer after all via website.

Detail information of medicine: The detail information of the drugs and medicine is taken by the pharmacy and its being recorded in the system of PTS then set a copy to the transcript.


Customer.ssn: The ssn is the social security number of the customer. The name of the customer

> Gives data

>takes transcript

Customer.phoneNo:The customer phone no is recorded in customer class

Customer.insuranceCo: The insurance company where the customer had insured

Doctor.ssn: The social security number of doctor.

Doctor.phoneNo: The doctor phone number. The doctor name is being given in this attribute. : The name of the medicine is given.

Medicine.unit: The unit needed for every medicine. Foreg.(the medicine is of common cold and it’s to be taken only 1 teaspoon two times a day and there is a generic substitutes of that medicine).

Medicine.refill:This is only the yes and no attribute eithere there is the generic refill of that medicine.

Transcript.transcriptEntry: The transcript entry is the record copy of all the data which was recorded in the PTS. The id which is given to all the customer individually.

Pharamacy.issueDate: The issue date of the bill is written

Pharmacy.expireDate:The expire date of the bill given by the customer.

Now you should know the process of making use case association matrix class diagram and relation which can be described below:

Association matrix of PTS

Association matrix of PTS

After this now you have to make a UML notation of the PTS(Prescription Tracking System).

uml notation

uml notation

Those all are the static modeling concept now you will learn to get the dynamic modeling concept.


Senerios the sequence diagram of the events

Sequence diagrams are one of two types of UML interaction diagrams. Sequence diagrams are a way of graphically portraying how messages should flow from one object to another in carrying out a given scenario.

We’ll illustrate the process of creating a sequence diagram by creating one for Scenario #1 of the “Prescription Tracking System” use case.

Senerio #1

a. Mary Jones, an existing customer of the pharmacy, brings in a prescription for eye drops to have it


b. The pharmacist checks to see if Ms. Jones has previously had a prescription filled for this item.

c. The pharmacist discovers that she has, and furthermore that the last time it was refilled was less than a month ago.

d. Knowing that her insurance won’t authorize payment for this same prescription so soon, the pharmacist informs Ms. Jones, and she decides to wait to have it filled at a later date.

sequence diagram

sequence diagram

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