Interface Class

Actually Interface are just like a class where it consists only constants and they
We can extend interface via interfaces
We can implement the interface via classes.
In interface needn’t use the “public” or “abstract” keywords – all methods
declared by an interface are automatically public and abstract by default.
A simple example of interface implement is given below.
public interface testInterface {
//one of the method without method body
void disp(String text);
For implementing this interface through normal class we follow below step:
public class Grading implements testInterface{

public Grading(){

//display method from interface
public void disp(String text){
System.out.println(“The input string is ” + text );
//main method
public static void main (String[] args) {
Grading g = new Grading();


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  1. > It is possible when we use the static final keyword on creating variable
    Or without it, as these attributes are implicit inside interfaces. There is no point in writing pointless code.

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