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JavaFX 1.3 in Netbeans 6.5 or greater compatible

Hello, Today just before some hours ago new JAVAFX 1.3 has been released and I ‘m very interested about this release. Many programmers are worried “WHY TO DOWNLOAD NEW VERSION OF NETBEANS 6.9 beta for JAVAFX 1.3 “.

So let’s why not make the Netbeans 6.8 compatible with JAVAFX 1.3.


  • JAVAFX 1.3 SDK (download here)
  • Netbeans 6.5 or higher

First of all make one sample JAVAFX Project from Netbeans.
(Here i used NetBeans 6.8 for making project)

And then just Right click on project > Properties. As shown in figure.

Project ScreenShot

After then you must see dialog box and select Libraries > Manage Platform

Project Properties

Then click on the Add Platform button. You’ll see a wizard for adding the JavaFX Platform as in figure.

Add Platform

Go to the next (selecting JAVAFX Platform) and give the Platform Name (i used JAVAFX SDK 1.3)

Specify the C:\Program Files\JavaFX\javafx-sdk1.3(only for Microsoft users therwise specify the installation directory for Linux and Mac users) directory for JavaFX SDK Folder.

Then click on Finish and restart your Netbeans Program.

After restarting click on your main project.

For testing your JAVAFX 1.3 enabled. You can code these stuffs:

then run the project by pressing Ctrl+F6.
It must print like this

Yeah it supports new feature of JAVAFX 1.3

Thanks for watching this blog. If any problem had occured then plz comment.

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How to create JNLP(Web Start Launcher) from NetBeans 6

Ok now i’m here to show some good feature of Java . Java has a seperate extension like as to the C/C++. Many C/C++ uses .exe(executables) for executing the program in a bundle form . In the same way previously Java uses JAR file as executable but later from Java 2 SE 1.5 the new extension (*.jnlp) had took place for executing the java programs.

Here we are going to create a .jnlp file via NetBeans 6 Ok first create one simple Project which display some GUI. Or you can download sample NetBeans Project from here

Let’s take step by step process:

Press Ctrl+1 and you will see Project tab at your left Pane(for more.. )

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Combining JAR files to one JAR from IDE NetBeans

Actually I am gonna demonstrate the simple way to create the jar file which is a combination of multiple jars’ .

  • Firstly We need the NetBeans
  • JDK 1.6

Here we’ll create a sample Project which is included in NetBeans.

I used NetBeans 6.7.1 and now i am starting my demonstration.

(Also you can create a project where there is presence of jar files)

Let’s make a project File>New Project> …. and as your requirement you can make a project but there

is need of some extra jar files . If you are not familiar with adding jar files to Projects then ,

Please refer this:

Now you are able to attach jar files in Project.

It’s time time to have some trick now, just choose Files Tab in Project Window or just press Ctrl+2 as shown in figure


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