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New Twitter Application on Desktop

A new Java-based Twitter Application launched on Feb 14 on Facebook for all the public user for free.

Any one can download the twitter application and they can easily tweet from their desktop and there is not need to open browser . Currently it has just facility of tweets delete, favourites, facebook friend’s tweets but soon there would be new facilities like language translator, Tweet search so let’s grab this application right now .

Download  from the application of Facebook:Twitter Desktop Application
Download this app to Desktop Directly: Twitter Desktop Application

Twitter Application for Desktop

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Making Simple JTable

The JTable is almost great component of Java Swing which is used to display records of any data.
Specially JTable are used for displaying records which are retrived from the database like MySQL, ORACLE ,Excel and other…

Simply JTable has it’s default model for displaying the records in format.
In this blog we would just demonstrate a simple JTable where all the data records are being assigned by developers.

Ok, here is a detail codes of Making simple JTable:

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This JFrame is a class which is located at the java package javax.swing

JFrame helps to form applet , this class is one type of Container where different Components can be

added by getContentPane() and add() method of this class.


The JFrame is one of the static or predefined Frame where there is limitation of extending the Frame feature

All the classes of

package are predefined applet components. It’s design is also static on all

operating system. There is platform independent design of JButton,JLabel,JTextField bar and all things. Here we use JFrame for the

independent of the application.

Where as in the context of

The components like Button,Label all are platform indendent as well.

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Trick of Positioning the Containers of JFrame

Many developers want their own Layout Manager with user-defined so JAVA has provided a separate method for the every container of JFrame Component and that method is setBounds(). This method helps the developers to position the container as per their need .

About SetBounds() method:

This method consists four parameter

We can arrange the containers with the help of this method easily. Read the rest of this entry »

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JNode (Open Source Project)

JNode is the open-source project for making a Java Platform OS(Operating System). This project had take a exclusive track of making all the software in Java in itself. As Java Virtual Machine(JVM) only accepts bytecode so the Compiler used to develop native binaries out. In this way, nearly the entire system is able of being written in the JAVA programming Language.

Ewout Prangsma firstly started work of developing the Java Bootable System(JBS) during 1995 .He had caught special feature of Java. In his mind he himself imagined a system that was not only a VM, but a complete runtime environment that does not need any other form of operating system. So is had to be a light weight and most important flexible system. The author was not satisfied with the C and assembly language required and head towards on to a new attempt called JBS2.

Jnode uses only two languages i.e. Java and Assembly Language. This system presently understands the FAT,NTFS,ext2 and ISO 9660 file system. It also has a GUI(Graphical User Interface) with USB peripherals and TCP/IP network protocol. It can be boot from CD or run in any popular emulator. It uses GNU Classpath Java Library and can run any Java Programs.

The latest version of JNode can be found in :

For more Detail :

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