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Updated: AutoFill TextBox with FilterMode in Javafx 2.0 (Custom Control)

Updated on Dec 4, 2014: Published in Maven Repository javafx-autocomplete-field
Updated on Aug 5, 2014: Fixed code for JavaFX 8 [Github Repo]

Hello After working some couple of days on Javafx 2.0 Custom Control. I came to the final result of my Custom Control. The Custom Control which I’m going to tell you is about “Auto-Fill TextBox” . This control consists of two major controls they are TextBox and ListView with a Popup where Listview is embedded.

Features of this textbox

  1. AutoFill Textbox on item selection with keys.
  2. Filter Mode

Let’s start these features one by one. To start using this control you can first download the Jar package or see Documentation first.
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Custom ToolTip on JavaFX

Hello I’m here to show you the new ToolTip which you can customize as you like! My Tooltip is little bit messy¬† process but it takes very less memory. You can easily apply my Tooltip to your desired application. Here the code goes:

My CustomNode who uses the tooltip..

Till here there is something little bit different. I used a new tooltip variable which has datatypes of MyToolTip. Ok I’ll show you what the MyToolTip class is:

You can see there is nothing new on MyTooltip it’s all about using simple graphics and text. Now the main class goes here:

Now you can see the main thing is ; I’m using a single MyToolTip which controls all¬† the nodes tooltip. That’s all . Thanks for watching the post. You can see the demo at below launch button.

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