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A Public Vs. Nonpublic Classes

Probably we used to declare the method and class as a public .
But the there is also the classes where there is no any public
or any private .
We can make two or many classes in a single class file.
* But when declaring numerous class the class file must contain
at least one public class whose class must match to class file
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Enum (eration) in Java

Here you can see the structure of Enum class in java. This class have their own rules and regulation.In this class there is no use of public except in the method value and class access because it doesn’t give any access to client. Some changable user-defined are written in italics.

For enum define , Just use below syntax

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Some String's Features

Here you can learn some of the features of the string which help in searching the words as wells.This String is written in Capital S because it’s a separate class can be found in java. The String have many function, it’s an array of the Character .

Some examples of String uses

– Serial numbers which is generated by the help of String .

Let’s start creating a java file named

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